The principles that underpin our assessment system are:

  • Every child can achieve: teachers at Beenham Primary School have the mindset, ‘What do I need to do next to enable a child in my class to achieve?’

  • The National Curriculum objectives will be used as the expectations for all children.

  • Pupils will make age appropriate progress from their different starting points – 12 months in 12 months, more for those who need to 'close the gap' to reach  age related expectations.

  • Teachers are experts at assessment - assessment will be effectively used to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure all children achieve.


Our assessment and reporting system includes:

  • Ongoing assessment against the National Curriculum objectives by the class teacher throughout each lesson, through questioning, observation and dialogue.

  • At the outset of each new unit of work in Writing and Maths, children will be undertake cold tasks to elicit their current levels of knowledge, skill and understanding in that subject area. At the end of the unit they will undergo a hot task to assess the progress made during teaching of the unit of work.

  • In foundation subjects and subjects such as Science and RE, use of the ‘what I know already, what I want to know and what I have learnt’ (KWL) strategy throughout a unit, alongside specific and measurable LIs for each lesson with child and teacher review of the agreed success criteria will be applied.

  • Children knowing what they are being asked to learn and more importantly, why.

  • Success Criteria are discussed and agreed with or formulated by the children during each lesson, work is then assessed against the success criteria.

  • Three way feedback, pupil, peer, teacher with clearly identified next steps – this can be written or verbal feedback.

  • Regular pupils’ work scrutiny


All of the above  feed into 'Data snap-shots', these will take place at class, year and subject level three times a year, towards the end of each term.


Statutory Assessments (End of Key Stage)

In addition to the above assessments, pupils also complete the following statutory assessments: 


  • EYFS profile

  • Year 1 (and 2) - Phonics Check

  • Years 2 and 6 - end of Key Stage assessments

  • Year 4 Times Table check (from 2019/2020 onward)

For further information, our Assessment policy is available to download here.

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