Hot meals are cooked on site. They are provided by an outside caterer called Caterlink. Menus will be given out at the beginning of term and a copy placed on the school website for your information.


Children may choose on a daily basis whether they have a cooked meal or a packed lunch. They make their selection at the beginning of each school day during registration.


It is possible to register with Caterlink online to pay your child’s school lunch bill by direct debit. More details are obtainable from the office. Otherwise you should send your child’s lunch money in an envelope, on the day they are having the school lunch. Children can then place their envelope in the class admin basket. 


Please note that Caterlink are vigilant in collecting money for school meals. If payments are outstanding then they can refuse to give a child a meal. Please contact the school office as soon as possible if you envisage a problem in paying for your child’s school lunch and we will try to help.


We ask that if your child has a packed lunch that you make it as healthy as possible. In terms of sweet confectionary, we ask that you only include one small chocolate bar/biscuit. There should be no nut related products as we have children in school with nut allergies. We also ask that there are no fizzy drinks.


During the day a child may have a drinks bottle which should contain water and not squash.


Tala class will be given free fruit and vegetables at break. If there are any leftover then we offer them to Torak and Tundra classes 


Children in Torak and Tundra classes may bring in their own fresh or dried fruit and/or veg for snacks.

If you would like your child to have milk at break times then please contact the school office.

Autumn term 2020 lunch menu

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School contact:  Mrs Bev Sharp will answer any queries from parents and other members of the public

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