Where possible we will text to give you event reminders, cancellation of clubs etc and anything else where we need to give you information in a quick and efficient way.


Please ensure that we always have your up to date contact information in case of an emergency. This can be sent/updated by email to


The school has a weekly newsletter which will either be emailed to you or sent as a hard copy depending on your preference. The weekly newsletter is also published on the website.


The governors also publish newsletters from time to time which are issued to parents in the same way as the school newsletter. Past copies of governor newsletters can be located on the Beenham governor website. The governors hold half termly coffee mornings and Parent Forums. Parent forum minutes are distributed to all parents and also available on the governor website. 


The school has written a set of Communication Guidelines for parents which can be downloooaded at the bottom of this page. We hope these will ensure you know who and how best to contact someone at school about a question or concern that you would like to discuss. Approaching the right member of school staff will mean that we can deal with your enquiry more effectively. If you do not feel that your question or concern has been answered or resolved satisfactorily via the route recommended, please contact the Headteacher or Chair of Governors via the school office.


Beenham Primary School is a Values based school and we would ask  that you treat our members of staff with respect at all times and speak to them in a polite and courteous manner, as you would wish to be spoken to yourself. We would also ask that you don’t speak in a derogatory manner about a member of staff to another member of staff. The school has a policy to guide parents, Abusive, threatening and violent behaviour, which can also be downloaded below.


We are always happy to help if we can and will always make time to talk to you to try and resolve an issue in a calm way. We feel that this is best done quietly and calmly in a private space rather than in the playground or in the school building.


Teachers make themselves available on a Monday after school until 4.30pm if you wish to  make an appointment to discuss an urgent matter.​​​​​​​​​​


Communication Guidelines

Abusive, threatening and violent behaviour

Picklepythe Lane


Tel: 0118 9713397

School contact:  Mrs Bev Sharp will answer any queries from parents and other members of the public

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