Please see our Covid risk assessment for medical arrangements arising as a result of  the Covid-19 pandemic.


Parents will be encouraged to co-operate in training children to self-administer medication if this is practicable and that members of staff will only be asked to be involved if there is no alternative.

The school will only administer medicines in which the dosage is required 4 times a day. If the medication is prescribed then the name of the pharmacist should be visible. The prescription and dosage regime should be typed or printed clearly on the outside. School will only administer non prescribed medicines if it will be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance if not administered (eg hay fever preparations). Any medications not presented properly will not be accepted by school staff.

Pupils should not bring in their own medicine. This should be brought into school by the parent.

Employees will consider carefully their response to requests to assist with the giving of medication or supervision of self-medication and that they will consider each request separately.

The school will liaise with the School Health Service for advice about a pupil’s special medical needs, and will seek support from the relevant practitioners where necessary and in the interests of the pupil.


Medical arrangements

Whilst we aim to build resilience in pupils and like to challenge them all to achieve 100% attendance, it is important that if a child is poorly, they should stay at home.

If a child needs Calpol before they come to school, then our guidelines are that they are not well enough to be in school.

If a child has sickness or diarrhoea, then they should remain absent from school for 48 hours after the last bout.

Should you need specific guidelines relating to a particular illness and whether it is appropriate for your child to be in school then, please contact the school office, who will in turn contact the school nurse for advice if they can’t help.


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