Weekly music lessons


Music is taught as part of the curriculum in every year group. We use the scheme Charanga Music School to support our teaching.

Where possible we choose themes that fit with our whole school topic for the term.


Our music teaching provides every pupil with the opportunity to:

  • listen and appraise a range of different kinds of music;

  • undertake musical activities such as composing, singing and playing instruments;

  • perform their music to an audience.

Click on this link to find out more about the programme.

We love to sing at Beenham

We are a Values based school and therefore we prioritise the  well being of everyone in our school.


Singing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Because the deep breathing needed to sing draws more oxygen into the blood and causes better circulation, it's also an aerobic activity and a natural stress-reducer.

We sing at every opportunity; in assemblies, through our topic performances, at the church, in our productions and we join in with as many external initiatives as possible.


Most years we take part in the Berkshire Maestros primary music festival which takes place either at the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke or at The Royal Albert Hall.


This year we will be joining in with other primary schools across the country to sing in The Voice in a Million production at Wembley.

We also have a Glee Club once a week which is provided by an external coach.

Musical Instrument Tuition

We currently offer the opportunity for children to have guitar lessons, which are taught by a Berkshire Maestros musician. Should parents wish for their child to learn a different musical instrument then please let us know and we can talk to Berkshire Maestros to arrange tuition.

We also offer the free government funded music project to our year 3 pupils. They are currently learning to play the trumpet on a weekly basis.

As a result of this some pupils have chosen to pursue trumpet tuition, on a private basis in school, with Berkshire Maestros.

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