All who work at Beenham Primary School are ambitious for our children. We expect the highest quality in all our relationships, work and behaviour. Our Values based philosophy underpins all that we do.


We are passionate that all children should be given the opportunity to develop a love of learning to take with them into adulthood. Our curriculum is carefully designed to inspire pupils to learn and hone their skills in a range of real life contexts that it prepares them for the wider world that we live in. There is  also a range of enrichment opportunities that provide the children with the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables and bake,through to sporting, street dance and drama activities.  We also hope to launch a Coding Club later on in the Spring term.

From the outset of their journey through Beenham Primary School, a child will be encouraged to speak and perform in front of their peers in class and in whole school assemblies. They will take part in school plays and act as hosts whenever we have visitors and parents in school. They will learn to work as part of a team, experiencing the different roles that one might undertake when working with others. Throughout their time at the school they will also have many different opportunities to take on leadership roles. They will approach projects using models such as the TASC wheel which will help develop their thinking skills. This work, underpinned by our VALUES curriculum will help every child gain the social capital they need to function in our modern day society.


At our school children learn to be kind and love each other. They are encouraged to develop a sensitivity and understanding of each others needs. We teach them to look after themselves and stay healthy. There are many opportunities to be active and we are just about to introduce yoga into the school.


During their time at Beenham, a child will learn that we are all unique and have a special place in the world. They will learn to be proud of who they are.

The success of our school is built on a commitment to excellence in leadership and a foundation of core values:

                Independence                   Responsibility                   Quality                 Respect                               

                                      Co-operation                     Resilience                     Care


Governors, staff and children have worked together to create a vision statement for our school.


Our Vision statement

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School contact:  Mrs Bev Sharp will answer any queries from parents and other members of the public

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