I am a librarian.


My job is to keep the library tidy and keep a record of borrowed books. This year my friend (the other librarian) and I will be moving and reorgansing the library.

What qualities does a good leader need?

A good leader needs to know how to lead others and know what to say if asked for help. A good leader also needs to be kind and honest so everyone can trust them. I think I have these qualities. Younger children shouldn’t be afraid of me because I will be helpful and kind.

My plans…

This year I am hoping to make the library more successful by perhaps starting a reading club where people can talk about their favourite books and read other books together.



I am the Team Captain for the Green team.

My role is to count up the team points for all of the children in each class who are in the green team and present these in assembly. I also have to help at sports day by sorting out the sports teams.

The qualities I think a leader needs is to be responsible, caring and listen to everyone’s opinions and to be a nice person.

I am really good at sports and this is my special quality as I can be a role model for the younger children. I enjoy all sports and belong to teams outside school such as Reading Swimming Club and Tadley Tigers Rugby club which keep me very fit.


I am a friendly person and so I can be successful at my role as team captain by encouraging others to take part and act as a team.




My leadership role is YELLOW team captain.


If you are a leader like a team captain, you need to be confident and able to lead your team in discussions. You also need to be fair and honest plus be ready to share things in assembly.


I think I make a good team captain because I listen to everybody’s opinion and try to include everybody. Also I am willing to give up Thursday lunchtimes to count up the team points.




I'm one of the three school newspaper editors.


I’ve come to really enjoy writing during my years at Beenham and wanted to use my skills to produce the newspaper for the whole school community. I am a quick reader and can be trusted to make sure the articles are accurate, varied and informative.


Our job is to choose the articles that are going to go into the newspaper and sometimes to ask people to write about something specific. Then we check and edit the content if needed. We use software to put all the articles together into the newspaper layout and we sell it once a term.


Good afternoon!

I am Beenham School’s ICT Leader.


I spend a large amount of my life around different elements of technology, and know how to operate them successfully. I also know how to get more out of technology. Since I was young, I have always looked up to the ICT Leaders.

To be a good leader, you need to be able to operate a computer. I know that, since I was very young, I have always been destined for this role.

I am proud of the job I do at keeping the laptops in check, and I am proud I got the role I requested.



For my year 6 leadership role I am a playleader. For the playleader role you have to be a fun and exiting person like myself. Playleader is also an important role because you have to entertain KS1.


The reason I applied for the playleader role was because I think I have the two most important values for that particular role: Independence and Responsibility.

I  hope you enjoyed reading this snippet about me and my year 6 leadership role

Hi everyone


My leadership role is Librarian and I think it's a big responsibility. How are you meant to get your spellings correct if you don't read them first in a book!

Reading is very important because it fuels your mind with great ideas for your next piece of English writing. If you want to join me and my fabulous partner in the library on Mondays, feel free to come and choose a selection of magical fantasys or comics and lots more.

Hi. I am one of the newspaper editors.


My job is to create and edit the school newspaper. I share this job with other people in the class and the children in Classes 3 and 4 help us do the articles.

I am creative, helpful and I can work co- operatively. I think I need to be patient and organised. I think it will be successful because there are three editors so we can share all the things out that we want in our newspaper. I will listen to people’s ideas and make suggestions.


The layout of the newspaper we do on a computer and then print it out.

I am one of the newspaper editors of our school.

My favourite subject in education is English literature and I hope to use my experience to develop the newspaper in many different ways.


To be honest, in the newspaper we do not have a team leader and one would agree this could lead to problems, however I think we can work together to improve, edit and write the newspaper in a different way.




I’m red team captain and I have always been in red team.


I feel I am a good leader and I feel like I can make a good contribution to the school. I will collect up the team points and more importantly rise to any challenge.


I think I`m good for the role because I listen well and I can accept if we can’t do things. I know if things are bad ideas or good ideas. I have the qualities of a team leader, like respect and co-operation, and I feel that I am doing well in the role so far.


Hi there!


I am captain of the blue team.


Every leader has to take responsibility for their actions and be honest so others can trust them.


The values a leader needs to show are responsibility, respect, care and resilience. In order for a leader to be great they must be honest, listen to others and be responsible for your behaviour.


I show these values and will sacrifice some of my time to collect the team points.



I'm one of the school's ICT leaders. I've been interested in computers since I first saw one and have been learning how to programme them on my Raspberry Pi. I have also recently dismantled a laptop to learn what goes on inside!

An ICT leader should have a good knowledge of computers and have a passion for the subject - I think I have these qualities and look forward to trying to help students and teachers with their computer related questions and problems!


LEADERSHIP Power Point from our assembly 

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