Please note that while the COVID-19 measures are in place, the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy should be viewed alongside the COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum.

SAFEGUARDING is about how we look after children.


At Beenham School we place a great emphasis on looking after children.


We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We expect all those who come into contact with children and their families, in the course of their work in our school, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.


The Headteacher Mrs Sue Butcher and class teachers Mrs Emma Russell and Mrs Jane Godfrey are the designated teachers responsible for safeguarding. They are also the PREVENT officers. All concerns relating to SAFEGUARDING or PREVENT should be referred to either of these three members of staff.

Rev Jane Manley is the governor responsible for Safeguarding. She can be contacted via Mrs Sharp in the school office who is also clerk to the governors.

Our Values based philosophy underpins all that we do in school. We teach children good old fashioned Values and give them the skills, vocabulary and self belief to make sense of the world around them. When things go wrong, children are encouraged to reflect and think about what behaviours they could change to prevent the same thing happening again.


Our understanding approach with high expectations ensures that all adults and children treat each other with the utmost respect and integrity at all times.


Our curriculum provides opportunities for the children to learn about various aspects of health and safety. We also address many issues like “Stranger Danger” and “e-safety”.


Children are also encouraged to risk assess their own activities when embarking on something new.


All staff and volunteers who work on a regular basis with our children, must have a valid DBS check. The school keeps an up to date record of these.


Recruitment processes are subject to “Safer Recruiting” which means the school undertakes the necessary safeguarding checks on all new employees.


All staff and volunteers receive regular “Child Protection” training as a matter of course.


Seven members of our staff are trained first aiders and the school has carried out a comprehensive risk assessment of all aspects of First Aid in school. This is reviewed annually to incorporate and health requirements of new staff and children.


The school’s Health and Safety policy is also reviewed on an annual basis. We have a range of policies which cover the various aspects of safeguarding. They are available to download at the end of this page.


The Department for Education issued revised guidelines for keeping children safe in education in September 2018.  All staff at Beenham Primary School have read these and are aware of them in their day to day work with children. 


Health and Safety 

Safeguarding and Child Protection

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum

PREVENT information for parents



Safer recruitment

Whistle Blowing

Sex and Relationships

Keeping children safe in education (September 2019)

Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018)

What To Do If You’re Worried a Child Is Being Abused

Prevent Within Schools, a toolkit for schools May 2015

The Education Inspection Framework

During these extraordinary times of the coronavirus pandemic, our safeguarding measures are necessarily different. The following two document are currently in force. They will be personalised and approved at our next meeting of the full governing body.

Copy of Interim Safeguarding Guidance - 27th March 2020

Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum

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