Arrangements for coming into school during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Children are grouped together in bubbles

  • Tala class is bubble 1 and will work in the newly enlarged Tala classroom.

  • Torak and Tundra class will be bubble 2 (will work in two separate classrooms and sometimes together in the hall) 

  • Entry to school will be staggered and through different entrances. 

  • Parents and children should adhere to the 2 metre distancing demarcated lines in the queuing areas.

  • Parents and children should not come on to the school site until their child's school day start and finish times.

  • All parents should leave the site as soon as they have dropped their child at school.

  • Parents should not gather in groups outside of the school. Social distancing rules should be adhered to at all times.


Tala class - year R, 1 and 2 children

  • Start time each day will be 8.45am. Finish time will be 2.50pm.

  • Entry and exit to school will be via the Tala classroom door.

  • Please note that there will be no afternoon break to compensate for the reduced hours in the school day.

  • You should access and leave the school site by the main front gate.


Torak class - year 3 and 4 children 

  • Start time each day will be 8.25am.

  • Finish time will be 3.05pm.

  • Entry and exit to school will be via the main school entrance.

  • You should access and leave the school site by the main front gate.


Tundra class - year 5 and 6 children

  • Start time each day will be 8.25am.

  • Finish time will be 3.05pm.

  • Entry and exit to school will be via the back door by the library.

  • You should access and leave the school site by the main front gate.


Arrangements for coming into school during non Covid times


In the morning, the doors open at 8.25am and the school day begins at 8.30am.


All children should come into school via the back door and parents should leave their children in the cloakroom. We suggest that parents of new children in Mai class  accompany their children to the classroom initially but try and encourage them to be independent and make their own way to class as soon as possible. We expect this to happen by the end of the first two weeks in September.


The school day ends at 3.05pm. Parents should meet their children in the playground.

Travelling to school


We encourage families to travel to school on foot where possible.


Children may ride their bikes or scooters accompanied by an adult or independently once they have completed cycling proficiency in year 5. All children who are cycling must wear a helmet. Bikes and scooters can be parked at the rear of the school in the bike racks. We expect children to dismount their bikes or scooters and walk them through the school grounds.


We recognise that many of our families live outside the village and need to travel to school by car. However like many schools across the school, parking at our school can be problematic. We have introduced measures to help make parking easier for parents. We prefer parents to park their cars sensibly in Stoneyfield and make the last part of their journey on foot. We installed a second pedestrian entrance into school a couple of years back to support this strategy. The entrance is opposite to the Stoneyfield turning. Another option is the “kiss and drop” whereby you can drive slowly and safely around the school turning circle, stop your car to let your child get out of the car and then continue driving without parking.


We do understand that people lead busy lives and are often in a rush. However, we ask that parents try and make a conscious effort to leave home 5 minutes earlier to enable them to use one of the two drop off initiatives that we have in school. Please note that the land outside school, adjacent to the club and the Victory Hall is private land. Parking on this land can cause issues if there is a function taking place in either of the two venues. Users of the halls can get very cross and this does sour relationships between school and the community.

Many thanks for your support.

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Tel: 0118 9713397

School contact:  Mrs Bev Sharp will answer any queries from parents and other members of the public

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