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Autumn Term 2019 – Beenham 100!

This year, both the social club and Victory Hall are 100 years old. What better time to take a fresh look at Beenham Village through a different lens! What was the village like then? How has it changed over time? Where was the school 100 years ago, and what was it like to go to school in that era? What would you have seen if you had travelled outside of Beenham 100 years ago? What was happening in the wider world?

Torak class will be starting the term by thinking about themselves. Through our work on VALUES they will explore how unique and special they are and the responsibilities they have at home, at school and in the wider world. As part of a whole school project, they will be making a clay tile of themselves to be included in an art display at the front of the school building. As a beginning to our topic about the village, they will be thinking about their house, where they live and learning to write their address.

They will then move onto some geography learning to familiarise themselves with the layout of our village and the features and facilities it has. They will be undertaking map work to follow routes around the village and also locate their homes and the school. The use of a drone will enable them to also view the village through another perspective. They will be looking at the style of their home and how this compares with other houses. In art and design they will be printing sketches of their homes onto a class collage and also building houses of the design that can be seen in our locality. They will also spend time looking at the kinds of jobs people in Beenham do.

They will also be inviting members of the village into school for a memory café to share any memories and photos they may have of days gone by. As part of their DT learning they will be looking at cake recipes that would have been baked in the 1920s and considering how they can adapt them to incorporate modern day ingredients. They will be baking cakes for people to sample at the memory café.

The children will have a special learning focus on the school. Continuing with the geographical theme, they will be photomapping the school grounds. Then moving on they will be thinking historically and finding out what children might have worn to Beenham School in the 1920s. They will be asking parents to help them dress up for a whole school role play day when we will be taking Beenham School back in time to the 1920s!

In English the children will begin the term by focussing on three different texts: The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside, Once upon an Ordinary School by Colin McNaughton and Changes by Anthony Browne. The choice of these texts have been made to link with our other learning in class. For example, when we think about ourselves at the beginning of term we will be focussing on The Huge Bag of Worries and making sure that the children know how to address any worries they have and where to go for support. Once upon an Ordinary School will lead us nicely into our work about the school and Changes will underpin our historical thinking about changes that have taken place in the last 100 years. We will also be looking at a range of non-fiction texts to learn more about Beenham.

In our writing we will be writing stories and learning about and practising all the steps needed to be able to write a great story. Our particular focus will be on adverbs, expanded noun phrases, proof reading and making improvements to our writing. Later on in the term we will be practising our non fiction writing when we found out facts about Beenham Village.

Once we have settled into a good routine, we will be undertaking guided reading every day in class. The children will have specific reading targets which will be shared with parents at the pupil/parent/teacher review meetings.

Our Maths learning we will be following the usual content set out in the National Curriculum but there will be a strong focus on mathematical thinking. Why did you use that method? Can you explain your answer to me? Did you find doing it that way easier/harder? Why? How can you check you answer? Is there another way to solve this problem?

Our sports coach Dan will continue to lead the PE session on a Thursday but Mrs Cannings wil lead PE on a Monday afternoon. The focus for the first half term will be gymnastics.

Practical arrangements

Mrs Cannings is like Mrs Godfrey in that she will only be working for 4 days a week. She will be in school from Monday to Thursday and Friday will be her day off. Mrs Butcher will teach the class on a Friday.

PE will take place on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. Children should have their PE kit in school at all times in case it is needed.

Home learning tasks will be set on a Monday and due back on the following Monday. A homework schedule can be downloaded below. The schedule will also be stuck at the front of homework books and included in the reading diary.

Spelling work will be undertaken with Mrs Butcher on a Friday so all new spellings will be given out on a Friday to be learn for a quiz the following Friday.

Times tables are practised using computer programme called Times Table Rockstars. The expectation is that children will spend at least 20 minutes a week practising their times table targets. More information will be given out in the first two weeks of term, together with login information and how to access the site at home. We no longer have weekly times table quizzes because the class teacher regularly accesses a child’s profile on the computer programme to check progress.

We expect every child to be Reading at home for at least 10 minutes a day. This might be private reading, reading to an adult or sibling or sampling sharing/listening to a story.

Snacks and drinks in school. Free fruit and vegetables will be available for snacks for every child in Torak class on a daily basis. Please do not send other snacks into school. Every child should also have a named water bottle which they bring into school every day. This should only contain water.


Contact We welcome your support in the classroom so please let Mrs Cannings know if you would like to help out in our class regularly, or as an occasional helper. We would love to have you.

If you would like to come in during the Monday after-school drop in, please make an appointment with the School Office or by emailing lcannings@beenham.w-berks.sch.uk and include an indication of what you would like to discuss.

Torak class Homework Schedule