Boys should wear:

  •  a white polo shirt

  • grey school shorts or trousers

  • a school sweatshirt

  • grey or black socks

  • black school shoes (not a trainer look alike)


Girls should wear:


  • a white polo shirt

  • grey school skirt, culottes or trousers

  • green check summer dress (not compulsory)

  • a school sweatshirt or school cardigan

  • black, grey or white socks or grey, green or black tights

  • black school shoes (not a trainer look alike) PE kit:

  •  school PE T-shirt  school PE shorts

  • plimsoles for indoor wear

  • trainers for outdoor wear


Additional items:


  • school fleece (for outdoor wear only)

  • book bag

  • draw string PE bag


You can purchase the school sweatshirt and school cardigan through the school office or the TESCO uniform online service. An information leaflet will be given to all new parents in their welcome pack. The sweatshirt and/or cardigan is compulsory.

Order online from Tesco here


You may also purchase a white polo shirt with the school logo on from the school office. However this is not compulsory and some parents choose to buy plain white polo shirts from high street stores.


The school PE kit, outdoor fleece, book bag and PE kit can also be purchased from the school office.


Please note that peg space is limited. We ask that ALL children in school have a book bag and draw string PE bag only. Additional games kit for after school clubs should be in a second draw string bag.


From September, we will be asking children to take home large rucksacks or big school bags as they fall off pegs and also prevent other children using their pegs as they take up so much space.

Picklepythe Lane

Email:  office@beenham.w-berks.sch.uk

Tel: 0118 9713397

School contact:  Mrs Bev Sharp will answer any queries from parents and other members of the public

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